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  • "Boomer" Pro Bar Clamp and Guide Fence System

  • Reviews
MLCS Boomer Clamp
SALE! While supplies last
An obstruction free guide fence for routing and sawing, and more.

Lightweight Aluminum Extrusion is dead straight, flat, and strong – perfect for glue ups!

  • Boomer Pro is a Smooth Quick Action one hand operation bar clamp
  • Ability to create "back-to-back" clamp relationship with the clamps either vertically or side-by-side
  • Virtually eliminates side to side movement common in other clamps
  • Two accessory T-Tracks are milled into the top surface of each side the clamp.
  • Measuring Rule is mounted on top surface of the clamp.
  • Fully adjustable from 0" to total clamp capacity.
  • Mechanism is heat treated steel, for long wear and positive clamping action.
  • Square face jaws are high impact ABS.
  • Hardware kit for adding accessories available.

    Boomer Pro 24" Bar Clamp

    Regular item number: (#9951)

    #1411 SAVE $7!.....$22.95

    Boomer Pro 36" Bar Clamp

    Regular item number: (#9952)

    #1412 SAVE $9!......$27.95


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    SALE! While supplies last BOOMER PRO ACCESSORIES

    Router Base
    Works with Power Tool Cutting Guide.
    Use your router or laminate trimmer to cut dados or edge trim with our router base. Our 9" x 9-3/4" clear acrylic plate is used with routers or laminate trimmers. It has a 1" router bit opening. Reduce the chance of the router or laminate trimmer moving from the fence. Regular item number: (#9954)

    #1414 SAVE $3!.............$29.95

    Saw Plate
    Works with Power Tool Cutting Guide.
    Our 13-3/8" x 8-3/8" universal saw guide turns your circular saw into a precision cutting machine. Made of UHMW. Regular item number: (#9955)
    #1415 SAVE $3!.............$29.95

    90° T-Square Head
    Now your Boomer Pro clamp can multi-task as an extra-large T-square. Just cap the clamp end with this large 90° head and lock in place with 2 screws. Make 90° cuts quickly and easily by aligning the clamp square with the edge of your stock. Regular item number: (#9957)
    #1416 SAVE $3!.............$10.95

    Back-To-Back Adaptor Kit
    Use 2 Boomer Pro clamps back-to-back. Eight block/nut assemblies slide into the Boomer Pro clamps to lock them back-to-back. Clamp the bottom Boomer Pro clamp to your workbench and your workpiece into the top clamp. Great for sanding or refinishing large panels or doors. Regular item number: (#9959)

    Hardware Kit
    Now you can add your own jigs, stop blocks and featherboards to your Boomer Pro Clamps with this hardware Kit. The kit includes six Special 1/4" x 20tpi T-nuts to fit the T-Track on the top of the Boomer Bar Clamp, six 3/8" long Studded Star Locking Knobs, six Steel Washers and six Nylon Washers.

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    Average Customer Rating: (1 reviews)
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    Great clamp/guide (5/5), Jun 25, 2018

    By Holly Helton (Salyersville KY US)

    The clamp is great the 90 degree t square accessory really is great a lot easier 2 square up the clamp I even use the clamp 4 glue ups there r endless uses drill press fence router table fence and the router guide is great 4 grooves/dados I just need the smaller size and saw guide

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    • Power Tool Cutting Guide

    • Reviews
    This cutting guide will easily handle large sheet goods.

    The two 55" long extrusions can be joined together using the included connector, which is extra-long to prevent the two joined extrusions from flexing under pressure. The cutting guide is secured to the work piece by a pair of one hand adjustable toggle clamps that slide in the underside of the aluminum extrusion. Compatible with both the #1414 Router Base and #1415 Saw Plate.

    Power Tool Cutting Guide


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    25 Piece Sanding Drum Kit

    all customer reviews and ratings

    Average Customer Rating: (1 reviews)
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    Power Tool Cutting Guide #9948 (5/5), Jan 24, 2018

    By Del Kelso (Saint Charles MO US)

    A value alternative to an expensive tracksaw. the tool guide is made from a heavy aluminum extrusion, very rigid. joining two tracks together is likewise rock solid. the clamps work very well and are a very good quality, also rock solid.

    i built my own saw mounting plate out of shop scraps and plan to mount some cleats perpendicular to the track as an aid to squaring the guides on the edge of stock. also plan to glue a block on the underside of track to hold the allen key used to join tracks together.

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