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MLCS Bowl and Tray Template Set
  • Bowl & Tray Template MDF Kit

  • Reviews

Create beautiful bowls and trays with your router!

SAVE $74! A router and our unique templates create beautiful and functional bowls and trays!. Your router and these unique templates create beautiful and functional bowls and trays! The set includes 5 MDF templates for making full or divided circular and oval bowls and trays in 10 different configurations. Impress your friends and family at your next gathering with a distinctive homemade bowl or tray. The included 1/2" shank tray and bowl/dish cutter router bit and router collet extension allow you to create bowls and trays up to 2-3/4" deep.

• Five Templates
• Dish Cutter Router Bit
• Router Collet Extension

Your bowl and tray blanks can be glued up in several layers using multiple wood species for a "butcher block", laminated look.

The oval templates allow you to make a 23" by 15‑1/2 "oval shaped bowl or tray. The circular templates allow you to make either an 18" or 12‑3/4" circular shaped bowl or tray. Instructions are included. See Food Safe Wood Oil.

Bowl and Tray Template MDF Kit

SAVE $74! List price $173.70


Combination Bowl & Tray Set
and Sanding Kit

SAVE $15! Includes Bowl and Tray Set (#9179) plus Complete 2" Sanding Kit (#2049). Previously sold as #1220.

#9170....................SALE $124.95


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Average Customer Rating: (3 reviews)
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lathe sanding w drill (4/5), Apr 17, 2013

By Don Rosine (New Lisbon WI US)

Getting the end grain sanded inside a bowl is difficult - unless you use a sanding holder in a electric drill. I use an old corded drill, chuck up the holder, and then use the appropriate sanding disk to the job. Velcro holds the cloth backed abrasive in place. I've used this for about a year. Flexing it too much has caused the rubber to separate so I'm getting another one and being a little less aggressive. :-) I use it with the lathe stationary and sometimes with the lathe turning very slowly - about 50 rpm either forward or in reverse.

Jeeper07 (5/5), Jun 2, 2012

By Wayne Rogers (Newport NC US)

I used this product to make a bowl and found the instructions easy to understand and the tools did their job very well. I glued together four pieces of 3/4" plywood for my blank and found that the router bits did their job easley and well. All that was required was some sanding and some finish. Well worth the price if you intend to make several bowls (Christmas?)

collet ext. and bowl bits (3/5), Jun 28, 2010

By Jim Zandberg (Smithers BC CA)

I really like the idea and it will work well only if you get the 1 1/4" BOWL BIT the 1 1/8" bit will not work with the collet ext. because it is not as wide as the ext. (I wish I new that I burned the bearing on the bit doing 1 bowl!!!

MLCS NOTE: This is why we now offer the Bowl Template Kit with the Collet Extension and 1-1/4" Bit in one package. The 1-1/8" Dish Cutter Bit was never intended for, nor marketed for, this application.

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  • "2" Sanding Kits" for making Bowls & Trays

  • Reviews

Complete Sanding Kit

Consists of (1) 2" Holder and 10 each of fabric-backed sanding discs in the following grits: 80, 120, 180, 220, 320, 400.


Coarse Grit Sanding Kit

Consists of 10 each of fabric-backed sanding discs in the following grits: 80, 120, 180.


Fine Grit Sanding Kit

10 each of fabric-backed sanding discs in the following grits: 220, 320, 400.


2" Holder


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Sanding Kits for Drill Press Table

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Average Customer Rating: (3 reviews)
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Bowl sanding kit (4/5), Sep 23, 2016

By Herman (Lancaster PA US)

This product does a good job. I first tried using it with my portable drill, but I could not control it too well. I needed to use it in the drill press, and you have to hold the work piece firmly. The stem is not very long and it's only plastic, so you can't sand more than 1-1/2" deep or the edge of the chuck will hit your work piece on the edge. I would prefer it be made of metal, and the stem about a 1/2" longer. The sanding pads last well, but will come loose if you use too much pressure. A light touch is important.

2 inch sanding kits (5/5), Apr 12, 2014

By Byron Fitch (RITZVILLE Wa US)

Tried product. Liked it so much I am ordering additional course and fine sanding kits. I have no problem with pads staying on pad. I turn bowls with gaps, worm holes etc and only have to be careful of the angle of the pad in relation to the spinning bowl so that the trailing edge of the pad is all that is in contact with the wood. This has cut my sanding time on the interior of the bowls 10 fold. No more beat up fingers etc.

Pads have trouble staying on adaptor (3/5), Jun 21, 2013

By Dan (Fountaintown IN US)

I bought this product along with the bowl/tray router package. I like the idea, but the pads would come off the adaptor on the drill after little sanding. The pads are held on to the adaptor by very weak Velcro and it does not work very well. Worked better sanding on the bottom of the bowl then on the sides due to the angle you are holding the drill.

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  • Christmas Bowl & Tray Template Sets

  • Reviews
Choose either of two sets!
Get started creating holiday keepsake candy and nut bowls now! The "Master Set" five piece set includes three 3/8" clear acrylic templates: Christmas Tree #9196 (14‑3/4" x 11‑1/2"), Candy Cane #9197 (9" x 4"), and Stocking #9198 (13" x 9") bowls, Router Collet Extension #9464 and Dish Cutter router bit #7817. See Food Safe Wood Oil.

Christmas "Master" Bowl & Tray Set

SAVE $42! List $131.96. Includes Router Collet Extension plus Dish Cutter Router Bit, Christmas Tree, Candy Cane and Stocking acrylic templates.

#1201....................SALE $89.95

Christmas "3 Piece" Bowl & Tray Templates Set

SAVE $15! Includes Christmas Tree, Candy Cane and Stocking acrylic templates (#9199).



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Christmas Bowl and Tray Templates

Photo shows the Christmas "Master" Set #1201

all customer reviews and ratings

Average Customer Rating: (3 reviews)
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Template kit (4/5), Oct 9, 2015

By Marvin ( AK US)

*** WARNING *** This kit does NOT include the wrenches with the collet extension! You get collet extension #9464 (without wrenches) instead of #9465 (with wrenches). The savings with the kit are not as they seem if need to order the wrenches (#9466), as it will cost you another another few dollars.
MLCS NOTE: This is correct. The wrenches are not included in this sale. They are not required for use of the item (we sold it for many years without the wrenches) and can be purchased separately if needed. Our description of this item does not say that the wrenches are included. It lists the collet extension (item #9464) ONLY, so we do not feel this is misleading. We are sorry for any confusion.

Christmas Bowl Review (5/5), Jan 11, 2015

By Steve (Cedar Falls Io US)

This kit works great for making bowls. The router bit works really well, a lot better than the CMT one I had previous. The templates are easy to use but you have to drill and counter sink holes for screws yourself. With the right tools making a bowl only takes a few hours. Use a nice butcher block conditioner and they will last.

Only for hollowing out (3/5), Sep 25, 2014

By W.B. Lydie (Lewiston ID US)

After watching video for bowl thought I would get both primary template for hollowing out the dish and a secondary template for using straight bit to cut outside. Only primary template and have to either make secondary or cut out using band or scroll saw :( Oh well just be aware of this when you purchase. Called and chatted and gave some suggestions and ask for a note in ad telling buyers of this.

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