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  • The Merle Band Clamp

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Merle Band Clamp features pivoting jaws and exclusive Quick Release Corners!

The Merle Band Clamp feature quick release corners and pivoting, self-adjusting jaws that align to any angle, even circles!

Includes a 23 ft. steel banding reel, four quick release corners,and four pivoting jaw inserts. The flexible jaw inserts are non-marring and are easily removed. They are made of high impact ABS plastic for a long life and heavy use. The dual pivot feature allows the Merle to clamp virtually any size, shape, or project securely! Perfect for circles and ovals and polygonal shapes such as:

  • 120º Triangles
  • 90º Rectangles
  • 72º Pentagons
  • 60º Hexagons
  • 51.5º Septagons
  • 45º Octagons
  • Ships with a 23 ft. STEEL banding reel (additional reels available).

  • The Merle clamp has almost no capacity limitation!
  • Steel banding provides greater clamping pressure than fabric strap clamps. Recommended by Wood Whisperer Friday Live at the 33 minute mark
  • Clamps as small as 2-5/8" x 2-5/8" to 69" x 69", or 23' around, but can be extended to any length by using standard 3/8" steel banding or strapping
  • The Merle clamp will hold any type of frame for easy gluing, nailing or screwing. Even jointing force at all corners
  • It’s excellent for wide cabinet type frames (use in the center or edges), and also for narrow picture frames
  • The adjustable Merle clamp allows you to use as much or as little clamping pressure as needed
  • Cast aluminum and steel construction makes the Merle clamp a tough tool that will work hard and long for you
  • Quick Release Corner Clips pull off with finger pressure. Just clip on more corners and get to work!
  • WOOD Magazine Merle Review

    Merle Clamp Instructions (PDF)

    Merle Clamp

    Includes 23' steel banding reel, 4 quick release corners, and 4 pivoting jaw inserts



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    MLCS Merle Band Clamp
    Merle Replacement Parts

    Aluminum Quick Release Corners and Jaw Inserts

    Includes a pack of 4 corners and 4 jaw inserts


    Replacement Steel Reel

    Reel with 23 feet of steel banding


    Pivoting Jaw Inserts

    Pack of 10 self-adjusting jaw inserts.
    Use to retrofit our old Merle clamp


    all customer reviews and ratings

    Average Customer Rating: (14 reviews)
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    Great Tool (5/5), Jan 18, 2022

    By Rick Dixon (Nashville TN )

    I've been using a cloth based strap clamp for years. This metal band clamp provides more force. It's very versatile. I love it.

    Impressive clamp (5/5), Feb 7, 2021

    By Nicholas Krisa (Lincoln CA US)

    Used for the first time to make jewelry boxes and inside trays. Excellent results. Much easier to use than many traditional clamps. Very inventive design and relatively inexpensive.
    Con: Agree, band reel is clumsy, but usable.

    Just what I needed (5/5), Aug 15, 2015

    By Douglas Hawkins (Dayton OH US)

    I bought the set of four with extra jaws. These are excellent clamps, but plan on an hour or two learning before you do a glue up.
    The jaws are one inch wide, and if your project is narrower, (my outside edge was 3/8th inch), you will need spacers under the project to raise it to the middle of the jaws. Otherwise, the band WILL tilt the pieces during glue up, resulting in a messed up project.
    The clamp worked extremely well for glueing a raised panel door with rubber space balls to keep the panel from rattling. The clamp forced the sides together with ease.

    Great Clamp (5/5), Jun 5, 2013

    By Jim H (Ottawa On CA)

    Used these to edge 1/2" Baltic Birch with 1/2" x 1/2" Mahogany. Very impressed, clamped well with no slippage.

    Merle Corner clamp (3/5), Feb 23, 2013

    By Vernon Lee (Mattapan Ma US)

    Tell me something how are do you reel in the band without all that spring action other then that I think it's a good product.

    rsdaisher (5/5), Dec 8, 2012

    By Robert Daisher (Lake Placid Fl US)

    I owned 4 of these clamps for a long, long time. They are great to use, you will not be disappointed with them.

    Doc (5/5), Aug 24, 2012

    By Richard Gray (Golconda IL US)

    When I first used this clamp I thought what a waste of money. It has a learning curve to it and after countless uses on portrait frames and display cases, I have to say this was one of the best purchases that I have ever made for my woodworking shop. It is incredible. I just finished a 52"x17" rifle display case with perfectly square corners. I have messed with many framing clamps, but none like this. Once you solve that minor learning curve, it's fantastic.

    Merle clamp (5/5), Jun 17, 2012

    By M Hoover (Berrysburg PA US)

    This is the best band clamp I have ever used. It gives equal clamp pressure at all joints and squares your project at the same time. This will never happen with nylon strap clamps.
    It took a couple trial runs to get the hang of how it works, now it's a breeze.
    I will be buying more as the need arises.
    Thanks MLCS for all the great products

    Merle Clamp (5/5), May 16, 2011

    By Bill (Inwood WV US)

    Excellent Clamp! Will buy more. Easy to use and achieves even pressure on all four corners as advertised.

    Merle Clamp (5/5), Nov 22, 2010

    By Leonard Budny (Depew NY US)

    I used to hate making frames of any kind. It was never easy to get them clamped up to produce good, tight joints. When I needed to make a frame for an antique leaded glass window I decided to try the Merle Clamp. My original expectation was "just another band clamp" but I was surprised at the results this clamp produced. Great, tight joints. As long as your miters are true you'll always get a strong, square frame. I'm still not a fan of making frames, but with the Merle Clamp I get the results I'm looking for. Highly recommended.

    Good for what it is designed for. (4/5), Jan 6, 2010

    By John Schaben (La Crosse KS US)

    I have had this thing for a few months and it is excellent for what it was designed for; Clamping large, multi-sided projects. If you are looking for something to clamp small projects like clocks, picture frames or the like, keep shopping. This will just be an exercise in frustration and futility.
    For larger projects, from boxes up it works very well. The steel band seems a bit cumbersome at first, but once you get the hang of it is an advantage. Admittedly, there is a bit of a learning curve associated with dealing with the rigidity of the steel but with a little practice it becomes a real advantage. There is a bit of an issue at first with rolling the band up also as it doesn't like to slide along itself very well, at first. But some use and a few judicious applications of graphite alleviate this problem.
    Overall a reasonably good acquisition and I will probably get another to make a set.

    Merle corner clamp (5/5), Oct 17, 2009

    By Sean Bell (Burlington Ne US)

    I have 18 and I love them. They square your product for you I need ten more but I will buy 3 four packs....much better deal. They are the BEST band clamps out there by far.

    Merrill clamp (2/5), Feb 15, 2009

    By Art Maki (Buhl Mi US)

    Not worth a crap if your material is thinner. Bought it because of the video With mitered doors, but wasn't happy with it.

    Merle Multi Clamp (5/5), Oct 8, 2008

    By H Wilson (West Jefferson Oh US)

    Works like a charm.

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    • Merle Clamp "Picture Frame" Package

    • Reviews
    Make three different picture and mirror frames.

    SAVE $13! Includes three MLCS Picture Frame router bits #8620, #7965 and #7975 plus the Merle Band Clamp. All router bits are 1/2" shank, two flute, carbide tipped with totally enclosed ball bearing guides. List $143.90.

    Merle Band Clamp and
    Picture Frame Router Bits

    SAVE $13! Includes three Picture Frame router bits, and a Merle Clamp.

    #8360....SALE $130.90


    Review this product...

    MLCS Picture Frame Package

    all customer reviews and ratings

    Average Customer Rating: (1 reviews)
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    Merle Band Clamp (5/5), May 21, 2021

    By David Cohen (POUGHKEEPSIE NY US)

    Excellent clamp for standard and irregular frame glue ups.

    I just created a 5 foot diameter Eucalytpus table, which started out as an octagon.

    The glue up would have been impossible without this clamp, and the band was long enough to reach around
    the entire circumference of the octagon.

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    • Merle Band Clamp "ShopMaster" Set

    • Video
    • Reviews
    Includes 4 Merle Clamps plus 8 extra corners with pivoting jaws. Clamp up to 24 total sides at once!

    SAVE $20! Clamp like a Pro! No more waiting for glue to dry when making new doors, drawers or picture frames - clamp 4 at a time! Large furniture and case work often requires 2-4 clamps. Clamp unique shaped and multi-sided projects at any angle, up to 24 total sides.

    Merle Clamp ShopMaster Set

    SAVE $20! Includes 4 Merle Clamps plus 8 extra corners with pivoting jaws. List price $209.70

    #9007............SALE $189.95


    Review this product...

    MLCS t

    all customer reviews and ratings

    Average Customer Rating: (4 reviews)
    Add your own review for this product

    DONUT5656 (5/5), Dec 24, 2019

    By Edward Hollingworth (Tijeras Ne US)

    I purchased these some time ago and have used steel banding to extend them and they work fine, as they donít go slack on u and they hold there shape [no fraying] one of the main reasons I chose them is they wrap up well.

    Well Engineered with Room to Improve (4/5), May 9, 2018

    By Richard Castor (Perkasie Pe US)

    The Merle band clamp is one of the best of its kind on the market.
    The metal strap does not stretch under tension and ensures equal pressure at all contact points.

    It's only major deficiency is the locking lever which becomes an appendage that gets in the way and interferes with laying a frame out flat on a bench without raising the workpiece or positioning at the bench corner.

    Replacing this lever with a cam jaw locking mechanism would be a major improvement.

    merle band clamps (5/5), Mar 15, 2018

    By joe d leach (Ridgeland MI US)

    great demo

    Great Clamps (5/5), Apr 8, 2013

    By Dennis Curtis (Myrtle Point OR US)

    I have a cabinet/furniture shop. These are the best band clamps I have ever used. Fast, easy and square up every time. My drawer boxes are dovetailed. I have 8 of these and I am ordering 4 more. I only wish they offered a longer band. Being a custom shop I could use longer than 21 foot at times.

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