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MLCS Mini Trim Router Table
Revolutionary Routing. See the Woodsmith 227 review.
  • PowerLift Pro® Router Lift

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Changing the way you work on the router table!

SAVE $15! Stay above the table, save your back! The heavy duty, computer controlled PowerLift Pro® handles the biggest router motors and router bits. With a "hands free" Foot Pedal and free Android app.

  • Easy to read app controls and height readout
  • Plug and Play! Almost no setup required
  • Great for home, schools, retirement communities and manufacturing facilities
  • Use the Foot Pedal for easy "hands free" height adjustments.
  • On the fly plunge cutting
  • Precise movements within .001".
  • The MLCS 7" Android Tablet (optional) has the PowerLift App pre-installed. Or download the App for free, to almost any Android device.
  • Six custom Memory Positions with Advanced Pass Control.
  • "Set Zero" at any point. Over 3" of total travel.
  • Preset Movements are pre-programmed with the most common measurements.
  • Designed to fit round routers motors that are 3‑1/4 HP, and 4.2". Reducer sleeves are available for common 3.5", and 3.25" diameter motors.
  • The 3/8" thick Aluminum Plate is 9‑1/32" x 12‑3/32" x and can accept router bits up to 3.5" in diameter.
  • Rated:

    Review this product...

  • A heavy duty mounting arm is included to give you an option of mounting your android device to the router table.
  • Perfect for Mortising, Circle Cutting, Incremental Passes, and Making a Stopped Dado! Click Video tab above.
  • Sealed bearings and heavy duty steel guide posts allow smooth, stable control of your router.
  • Includes a self-locking reducer ring with a 2" opening. Additional insert rings for the router plate are available.
  • The PowerLift Pro® router lift will fit all MLCS router tables with plates, including:
  • PowerLift Parts List (PDF)

    Android App Instructions (PDF)

    PowerLift Installation Instructions (PDF)

  • Ordering and accessories below

  • PowerLift Android App

    Download the latest version of the PowerLift Pro Android App

    Download Powerlift App

    Powerlift Pro® App Use

    Download instructions for using the PowerLift Pro Android App.

    Android App Instructions (PDF)

    Powerlift Pro® Installation

    Download instructions for installing the PowerLift Pro in a table

    Installation Instructions (PDF)

    PowerLift Pro® Parts

    Download the complete #9590 MLCS PowerLift Pro Parts List

    PowerLift Parts List (PDF)

    all customer reviews and ratings

    Average Customer Rating: (5 reviews)
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    Tom (4/5), Mar 4, 2018

    By Thomas R Gohring (Sacramento CA US)

    Overall, I'm happy with the Powerlift pro. A few demerits: 1) the android app is not stable and crashes frequently. I can work with that, but it's annoying. Occasionally, it will crash while moving to a new height. That's bad because it loses track of its height, so I have to recalibrate it. 2) the set screws in the corner of the base don't hold. I'm constantly re-adjusting them. I might try putting some lock-tite on them, but for now it's a big hassle. 3) a minor thing, but I didn't like the foot petal. You can't rest your foot on it. I disassembled mine and built a knee switch for "up" and a toe switch for "down". Pros: SUPER accurate and VERY intuitive to use.

    has been a challenge (3/5), Nov 12, 2017

    By Thor patterson-ritz (COBLESKILL Ne US)

    Not sure I give this a 3 star but they don't have 2.5.

    I got the powerlift pro package in early Spring. I struggled on deciding to get this or the incra package. I decided on this as i liked the idea of this plus shipping was free which saved me a ton of money.

    Some issues I have had are:
    1. Some parts were missing when it arrived. Review the parts list carefully. I notified MCLS who quickly got me the missing parts.

    2. The Android tablet that came with package I couldn't get to work.
    MCLS sent me a replacement tablet twice and finally I figured out the issue is the short adapter cable which was 1 of parts missing initially. One wouldn't think this short cable is critical but without it the android tablet would not work with the lift.

    3. I didn't have time to use it this Summer but have started to and have some other issues to report. Fairly consistently during routering the tablet reports "lost device". I checked all the connections and they are secure. Sometimes it just requires touching the app again to re open but other times it requires a complete setup of memory positions which is very frustrating.

    4. Aluminum plate or lament table appear to be slightly off. I can not get the plate to sit level on all sides so there is a lip protruding either when I enter or exit. I have placed the lip on the exit side so it is less troublesome.

    5. The foot pedal cable is just a bit short. If you secure it to the mounting pole the cable is just a hair to short for my liking. I wish it could be placed out more from under the table stand. Maybe someday they will sell an extension cable.
    that would be nice.

    6. Lastly the lament slides on the fence appear to have one slightly thicker then the other so again there is this lip one hits when running stock along it. I thought I had perhaps one of the rods in it to make it stick out but nope as I had the two sitting on shelf above the table. I almost want to sand off some of the material on backside just to address this issue. Augh.

    The positives: Good customer service, the router motor seems powerful and has had no issues, I mentioned the free shipping. The stand is solid and I added shelves and draft box around motor.

    Well made machine (5/5), Jun 29, 2017

    By Robert moore (Scotland SD US)

    Does everything as advertised. Works great for rabbets & dadoes.

    I would not recommend purchasing the android with the lift. The power button is flush with the case which means you have to use your fingernail to power on or off. After only a few uses the power button on my android stuck and I was not able to power on the android. Buy a $50 Kindle fire. Works great with the lift.

    Correction (5/5), Oct 31, 2016

    By Mike Hirsch (Jasper In US)

    I just want to update my review. When in memory mode the lift will raise or lower to the next set point with the foot pedal. What I didn't know is you need to keep the pedal depressed until it stops.

    PowerLift Pro (5/5), Oct 28, 2016

    By Mike Hirsch (Jasper In US)

    About three years ago I built a new router table and added the MLCS PowerLift model 9450, I had reviewed it on Lumberjocks. Since I use a router quite a bit this was a great addition to the shop. With it having a digital readout it gave me a lot precision when it came to the depth of cut and made changing the depth of cut very easy. A few months ago MLCS introduced a new model that incorporated a Android Tablet to control the lift that added a lot of new features. Since I use the router a lot I decided to upgrade to this new model.

    Just like the older model the lift was completely assembled right out of the box, the only thing that had to be assembled was the arm that holds the electronic control box. Since I had already cut the opening using the installation jig kit (#9331), I only had to disconnect the cables and lift the old one out and drop the new one in. Set screws in each corner of the plate made leveling the plate quick and easy. The cables were easy to attach to the router lift and control box and clearly marked.

    I did not have an Android Tablet so I got the one offered by MLCS, if you already have one you just need to download the app. Note there is no app for an IOS (Apple) device. The app came preloaded on the tablet and started up as soon as I plugged it into the control box and turned it on.

    The app gives you a lot more options that the older digital model could not offer. I liked being able to install a bit, zero it out flush to the table and then raise the bit to my cutting height and then set the height in one of the 6 user defined memory positions. Then lower the bit back or below zero. Place my wood on the router table start the router and select the memory I set and the bit raise into the wood while I keep both hands on the wood, great for slots especially for cutting keyhole slots. There are also preset memories that start at 1/100” and go up to 1/2” it really makes gauge block and measuring bit height a thing of the past.

    Unlike the older model the up and down movement even at the slowest speed was very smooth. The also changed the installation of the reducer rings from being screwed in with three flat head screws to the insert screws into the top plate with the use of an included spanner wrench. These changes moved it from 4 stars on the older model to 5 on this new one.

    There are a few additions that I would like to see, but they are not a make or break when it came to purchase, some of these changes may be able to be updated in the app without changes to the hardware.

    The first is I would like to see a “HOLD” button added, it is way to easy to accidentally hit the foot pedal and change the bit height.

    The second would be that if you are using your own defined memory settings that touching the foot pedal would change between them, you have to select them on the tablet screen right now.

    The third would be having variable speed for the height in the foot pedal.

    Being able to label the user defined memory settings is nice but not real usable. With fat fingers it is hard to use the little on screen key board to label them, so I just go by the dimension that is displayed when I set the height.

    And last is the tablet connects to the electronic control box through a micro USB cable. When the cable is plugged in it does not appear to charge the tablet, it just runs off batteries, it would be nice if it could charge when connected, or even be able to use Bluetooth for the connection.
    ************************MLCS RESPONSE*************************
    Thanks Mike,
    Just as an FYI if you are in the user set memory positions and hold the foot pedal Up or Down the lift will automatically stop at the next defined position. You do not have to use the buttons on screen. Also another option also is you could go to a larger tablet and all the buttons feel larger.

    Add your own review for this product

    The PowerLift Pro® Router Lift ships with everything listed below. Our FREE Android App is available as a download.

    Included with the PowerLift Pro®:
  • (3) Allen Wrenches
  • (1) Insert Ring with 2" Opening
  • (1) Insert Ring Wrench
  • (1) Starter Pin
  • (4) Plate Leveling Screws
  • (1) Foot Switch
  • (1) Power Supply Cord
  • (1) USB Cable with Mini USB Adapter
  • (1) Mounting Arm
  • 7" Android Tablet Specs:
  • 7" LCD - LED Backlight, 1062*600 px
  • ATM7031/A33, quad core 1.2Ghz CPU
  • Mali 400 3D hardware accel GPU
  • System: Android 4.4.4
  • Multi-touch Capacitive screen
  • 512 MB RAM with 8 GB storage
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0, WIFI
  • Dual camera, front .3MP, back .3MP
  • External 3G USB port
  • PowerLift Pro®

    Includes everthing listed at left.


    FREE! PowerLift Pro Android App®

    Download the latest version of our app.

    PowerLift Pro® with 7" Android Tablet

    SAVE $15! Includes the pre-installed PowerLift Pro Android App.


    7" Android Tablet

    Includes pre-installed PowerLift Pro App.


    Insert Ring Kit

    Includes four pieces.


    Replacement Insert Ring Wrench


    Reducer Sleeves for 3.5" dia. motor


    Reducer Sleeves for 3.25" dia. motor


    Using the PowerLift Pro app on your Android device

    The PowerLift Pro Android app allows precise control of your precision router lift.

    PowerLift Android App Page

  • "LIFT POSITION" displays the current position of the lift along with the units of measure
  • Tapping "UP" or "DOWN" moves the lift
  • "SPEED" sets lift speed rate
  • "SET ZERO" sets the current position of the lift as the new zero
  • "MEMORY POSITIONS" stores six user customizable locations for repetitive operations. Incremental passes are easy to setup, and the foot pedal can be used to cycle through the positions while keeping hands on the work.
  • "PRESET MOVEMENTS" provides Max up and Max down, and moves the lift 1/100", 1/64", 1/32", 1/16", 1/18", 1/4" and 1/2",
  • PowerLift Pro App

    PowerLift Pro App

    PowerLift Pro App

    Bi-directional Foot Pedal

    The footswitch allows the operator to raise or lower the lift while keeping both hands on the work piece. Use the Foot Pedal to cycle through Advanced Pass Control stored positions for hands free incremental passes!

    Operations that were previously too difficult or too dangerous can now be performed on the router table (like plunge cutting, mortising, dadoes, and circle cutting) - with better dust collection and improved safety. You can turn your router table into an efficient and effective mortising machine.

    PowerLift Pro App

    A real mortising machine

    See Mortising Video. You can turn your router table into an efficient and effective mortising machine. A simple jig that controls the movement of the work piece on top of the table, combined with raising the spinning bit via the footswitch, will yield perfect mortises.

    PowerLift Mortise Machine