"Collet Stretcher"

Review of MLCS Router Collet Extension from Fine Woodworking December 2002 issue.

Fine Woodworking featured the MLCS Router Collet Extension in the Tools & Materials section of issue #159 from December 2002. Here's some quotes from the article:

"Collet Stretcher. The router collet extension from MLCS adds about 2-1/4" to the length of a router collet, a handy feature in the router table for above-the-table bit changes."

"When a router is mounted in a table, the collet of the router often ends up positioned well below the surface of the table, even after the motor has been raised to its maximum height. That means some bits are not able to reach far enough above the table to provide the full depth of cut."

"Recently, MLCS began selling a router-collet extension that quickly remedies the problem. Also, as I quickly discovered, the extension makes bit changing a lot easier because the extension, which adds 2-1/4" in length, allows the collet to be raised well above the table. With the collet exposed it becomes relatively easy to work a pair of wrenches and change a bit.""If you use a router table a lot and regularly struggle to install bits, the router extender might be worth a closer look."