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  • "Phenolic" Router Table Top

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SAVE $20! Made from solid phenolic material, known for its strength and stability. The top is solid phenolic "mineral resin" material, known for its strength, impact and wear resistance and stability in any shop environment. Available separately, or with fence, plate and stand combos. The top choice for many industrial wood working shops. The top measures 3/4" thick x 24" x 32" and is designed to use MLCS router plates (9‑1/32" x 12‑3/32") and the U‑Turn Lift System.

See our top-of-the-line X1 Fence!

  • Deluxe Double T-Track is installed in the table with one slot for 1/4" hex head bolts, and a second standard 3/4" miter slot for use with most miter gauges and jigs.
  • Pre-Drilled for the X1 Fence (our top of the line fence system, item #9576)
  • With the Double T‑track you can add or create many different hold downs and jigs to expand the capabilities of this router table top.
  • Pre-Drilled for the 35" high x 26" wide x 22" deep Pro Router Table Stand (#9565). The Pro Stand features sturdy, square turbe steel legs. The Phenolic Table can be mounted to other stands.
  • Works perfectly with 9‑1/32" x 12‑3/32" MLCS Router Insert Plates.
  • MLCS Phenolic Router Table Tops and X1 Fence Combos

    Phenolic Router Table Top

    SAVE $20! Table Top only. Router stand, insert and fence sold separately.

    #9577.............SALE $249.95

    Complete Combo!
    Phenolic Top, X1 Fence, Premium Router Plate, and Pro Stand

    SAVE $80! Includes #9577 (Top), #9576, #9621 and #9565. List $649.80.

    #9620.............SALE $569.95

    Combo! Phenolic Top, X1 Fence, and Premium Aluminum Router Plate Kit

    SAVE $75! Includes #9577 (Top), #9576, and #9621. List $534.85. Router stand sold separately or with combo #9620.

    #9622.............SALE $459.95

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    No rating yet... Be the first to rate this product!

    • "X1" Router Table Fence

    • Reviews
    Phenolic Router Table Tops and X1 Fence Combos

    The X1 fence is a significant upgrade to almost any router table!

    Standing 4" tall, this fence mounts to any table that is 1/2" to 1‑1/2" thick and from 24" to 32" wide. It is designed with a two track mounting system with adjustable rulers so you can set the fence to zero and make repetitive movements. The X1 "top mounted" ruler ensures that repetitive cuts or setting your stop block can be done with ease. The removable and fully adjustable fence faces are made of melamine coated heavy-duty MDF and fully edge banded for low friction and long life. Adjustments are made using locking knobs - no tools needed! The core of the X1 is anodized aluminum, with available t-slots to mount a stop block or almost any jig or accessory.

  • The X1 includes two 1/32" x 1/16" space bars, which offset the fence face, either 1/32" or 1/16". They're stored in the the fence for easy access when needed.
  • The X1 Dust Port is designed to accept a 2‑1/4" or 2‑1/2" vacuum hose
  • With very smooth action, repetitive movements, adjustable fence faces, open t‑track, rulers, 2 offset bars, dust collection and a safety guard, the X1 fence has it all!
  • X1 Fence Instruction Manual (PDF)

    "X1" Router Table Fence

    List price $209.95.

    #9576......................SALE $199.95


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    all customer reviews and ratings

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    Dan (4/5), Feb 4, 2015

    By Dan (Wakeman Oh US)

    The fence is quite well made with a number of nice features. The only problem I have is the Instruction Manual--one of the worst I have seen. The pictures are too small and not broad enough to get a good picture of the assembly. Look at the pictures on your web site Instruction Manual--much clearer and easier to understand.

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